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Project Description
This module allows you to easily collect and save contact information via module interface in DotNetNuke.

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Contact Collector Module

This module is a simplistic approach at allowing visitors to save their contact information on your website, or for you as an administrator to do the same thing. This saves their information to the database without requiring the visitor to register on the website.

The features of this module include:
  • DotNetNuke 7.0 compatible
  • Windows & SQL Azure compatible
  • Easy to use submission form to save the minimal required information.
  • Allow any visitors or restricted groups of visitors to use the submission form.
  • You can view the saved contact information.
  • You can delete contacts.
  • The module is fully localized.
  • Settings are included to allow you to determine which contact fields are required for visitors to fill-in.
  • Download the contact list in CSV, Excel, or XML formats

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